Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 3

So didn't do so well today. I didn't wake up in the morning because I stayed up so late last night. Then I just ate banana bread all day-haha. I didn't have lunch because I wanted to run. I did 2.5 miles on the treadmill. Then we took Mauricio to the airport-which didn't work out so we had to go back and get him. He is leaving for Germany tomorrow now. Anyhow, I was going to do weights tonight, but have no energy. So I am going to bed early tonight so I can do my weights tomorrow. It was suppose to be my yoga day, which I may still do tomorrow. I am just excited that I got something in today!! Good luck to me for tomorrow!!-haha

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day Two

One word-Plyometics. Yes this was my workout this morning. My internal alarm clock decided to go of at 4:30 this am. It is funny because when I wake up I am not tired. However later in the day it hits me. The girls were amazing today playing in thier room while I took a small nap on Aftons bed.

So anyhow back to the plyometrics. It is part of the P90X program. It is mostly jump training. So it is a lot of squating and jumping. It kicks your botty to say the least. I was happy I got up and did it. However for lunch I had some chocolate chip pancakes-haha. I enjoyed every minute.

Tonights dinner is spagetti. It is our Tuesday spagetti night. I make it with ground turkey and whole wheat pasta. It is tasty. So we will see what time my internal clock wakes me up tomorrow to do more weights. I am a little sore from yesterday and can feel it when I stretch my arms a certain way. Well that is about all for today. Yeah I got my work out in!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Day One

Okay so I am back on my workout kick and this is day one. I got the idea of blogging this from a friend who decided to blog about her runs. I am hoping it keeps me motivated to continue on now that I have no gym friends. I have gained weight since I have been here. I am not sure how much because I left my scale in California. Intentionally??-who knows-haha.

So I have been looking into gyms. There is a 24 hour fitness near me that has a lap pool and a couple of classes I would love to do that are at times that are perfect for me. So I am excited about that. However I am thinking I am just going to do P90X for the next 3 months along with some treadmill runs and see where that takes me. Then get back to the gym to be able to start training for another triathlon. I can't very well do one in the snow.

Anyhow, so today was day one. I woke up at 5-not intentionally, but I laid there thinking-get up and workout now or do it later when the girls go to bed. Well usually do it later means I am not going to do it. So I thought-I am up, just get out of bed. So I put my workout clothes on and did my first P90X workout in a month. It was chest and back. It KILLED me. I hadn't done any lifting in a while so I lost a little of my muscle mass I guess. There were some push-ups that I could only do 7 of and then I would try to do another and just drop from muscle exhaustion. Well after I was done I decided that this time around I am going to do it right and put the ab video in. That is the most unfun video of all times-hands down.

Later after Mauricio got home I told him I don't want to run. I have always told him that he should make me do it even if I say no. He didn't really fight me on this one, but asked me why not. So I told him-I did work out today. However, I was inspired by my friend April who is running a marathon here soon. Also, my friend Mark who helped move my treadmill up to our second floor and said-"you better use this." So I got on it and did 3 miles.

Okay so here it is-my goal for the next 3 months. Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays are my strength training days and so I will run 3 miles on those days. The other days I am doing other cardio so I will not run on those days. I will be doing my P90X program and see how it goes from there. Wish me luck!!