Friday, June 25, 2010


So I guess it has been a while since I have done anything with this sight. I guess being preggo does that to you. I haven't however given up on my workouts.

Right before I found out I was pregnant we ordered the Insanity DVD's. They were at our house in a matter of days. So I started pretty quickly. I did it for 2 months. At this point I started tightening in my uterus so I stopped and was doing Turbo Jam.

So today I did Turbo Jam-cardio party this morning with my friend Lillian. Then tonight I did a two mile walk. I love working out. It is fun.

Next week I am going back to school. Scared and yes I am crazy. Seven months pregnant and starting school. I am doing a personal fitness training program-which is a degree program. When you are done with the program (10 months) you have a 90 hour externship with a gym. When you are done with that the school flies you out to Vegas, puts you up in a room and you do a week long boot camp. At the end of the camp you take your final tests for your certificates. I am excited to do this. It is something last summer that I have wanted to do. Get paid to workout, be able to have a free gym membership!! All this and helping people get their lives in shape. I am excited and I am excited to be healthy when this baby comes!!!