Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Spinners Beware

I have been going to spin here for a while now. I know it is referred to as group cycle now, but I still call it spin.

So if you have never been to spin before and you decide to try it and you are spinning away and feeling angry stares at the back of your neck you probably are not wrong in feeling this. It means you took somebody's bike. Yes even though there is no seating or name tags-you made the awful sin of sitting in someones spin bike-how dare you.

Now I do love sitting in the same area, but I have never had a set bike that I long for. There are ones that I know that have little kinks that I stay away from, but again never a set bike. Hey that way I am never let down if it is taken.

There are two regulars in my class. They are both older. There are 5 of a different kind of bike in the room. The older people love these bike for some reason-I don't know why, I have never tried one. One guy gets there almost an hour early at times to get his bike. The other lady has started to come a little earlier, but Monday she has a friend save it for her. Her friend doesn't come on Wednesday. So a lady was in her bike today. She sat right next to her. The lady in "her" bike isn't always able to keep up and stops quite a bit, not a problem-it is your workout you put in what you want to get out of it. Well the regular who's bike it is-every time she stops the regular gives her a stare like-you are using MY bike and you can't even keep up.

Little funny and some drama and pretty funny to watch. She even said-oh somebody took MY bike. So if you are new to spin and you take "someones" bike-don't worry-it was never theirs to begin with. Relax have fun and spin away smiling. You got there first!