Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cardio Lovers

The benefits of a cardio routine are amazing. Keep up the good work. However, despite the title I am here to get you to consider weight training. Just as there are benefits to a good cardio routine there are some great benefits to strength training.

I am going to talk about one big one today. Raise your hand if you thought getting more calcium was the best way to increase your bone density. You know this because as women it is talked about all the time. Did you know strength training can decrease your risk of osteoporosis too?

There is something called Wolff's Law that basically states bone will be laid down where needed, bone adapts according to the applied stress. As your tendons pull on that bone when strength training it stimulates bone cells to stimulate bone formation. After all, the more bone mass you accumulate before menopause the less severe the consequences of loss of bone mass will be. This stated from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

So if you are afraid of getting bigger and you are a woman, don't worry it won't happen. Strength training does so many good things for your body. Don't steer away from it. If you have any questions feel free to leave a message. I am passionate about a good strength train program and I believe all should have one.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I didn't come to win a beauty contest

So lately I have been selling classes at a gym. So I get to do a lot of people watching. It is so interesting to stand there and see what comes through that door. You can tell the people that are there to really workout and the ones who are there just for the-I don't know-single scene!?! Is this one of the pick up joints that I just never picked up on? It is funny to see girls come in all made up. Hair in some kind of up-do. Even if the hair isn't in a fancy up-do it is strategically messy. Then their make-up is on. Really did you come to workout, or did you come for the beauty competition.

I love to work out. The gym becomes a second home to me. I love to see how hard I can sweat. How much I can push myself. If you see me at the gym, you know I am not involved in the beauty contest. I am not there to talk on my cell phone while I leisurely walk on the treadmill. I can do that anywhere. So why do you go to the gym. Are you there for the beauty contest, the social hour, or are you there to rock it!?! Love the gym-always good times to be had.