Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello again

I am horrible at this blogging thing-right!?! So anyhow I have not stopped working out, just stopped blogging. I have found a friend to work out with. It is great because usually it is just the gym is my friend and I don't have that friend right now.

So anyhow working out with this friend has made me not even think about it. She comes and we do it-no excuses. Her husband doesn't allow excuses and I am thankful to him for motivating us on our first day. Anyhow last week we got all six days in!! This week we got off on a bad foot by skipping yesterday. A slew of things going on. So despite all the pitfalls of today-again very hectic day-we did it!! We did some Zumba.

Okay here is something I am going to admit out loud. I have been saying since this season of the biggest loser started that I was going to get my step out and do it while I watch. Well of course that never happened and I end up on the couch eating. Really productive to what they are trying to teach. That is how most of them got fat-sitting on the couch watching biggest loser and eating-haha. Well today I finally did it. I put a sweat band around my waist and went for it. I started off on the lowest setting of the step thinking I would ease into it. By the end of the show I was on the highest setting of the step with a 10 lb weight vest on my chest. I took the vest and the band off and I was dripping in sweat and I feel great.

Another thing I need to admit is that I have gained some weight back since the move. It is hard to see and I know I need to do something about it because I gave away all my clothes that were one size up to motivate me not to go back. So I put on some of that "motivation" today. It made me step it up. I almost gave up on doing the step today, but Mauricio gave me a gentle push in the right direction. Don't hate-I have asked him to help motivate me to just do it!! So here I am I am hoping that I keep up this step thing, but with seeing how easy it was to just do is pretty motivating to me. So just get out there and do it-NO EXCUSES!!